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      European standards, international quality, authoritative certification

      The use of European design standards, can be superposed stacked, space saving, seamless international trade transportation.

      Access to GIC international certification, through the SGS testing, ISO9001 quality system issued certificates, trustworthy!


      Reinforcement design, super hardness, ten years of life

      There are reinforcing bars on the outer side of Xun Sheng series turnover box, the box angle and box are more firm, and the box body is more stable.

      Select HDPE raw materials, shock resistance, not brittle, no need to buy repeatedly, saving costs for the enterprise.


      Extreme service, hand docking, one-stop service

      Each customer has exclusive high-level service personnel, a customer, a channel.

      Special personnel docking, one to one service, providing Supreme VIP service.


      Complete specifications, color custom, co-open mode

      More than 100 kinds of market commonly used box size, specifications and colors for you to choose from!

      Personalized customized services and collaborative open mold services to meet all special needs


      Suzhou Xunsheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

      Suzhou Xunsheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is an injection molding industry new enterprises. The company is located in Suzhou, Xiangcheng District, Xinhua Road Town, No. 12, close to 312 National Road, convenient transportation. The company invested 20 million yuan, with 10000 square meters of work...

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      CaseThank you for your confidence in us

      Online Service

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