Hi! I’m Michael Gonzales, Social Media Coordinator for Deadzone Racing, the owner of Gonzo Designs, and current California State University, Fullerton College of Business student.


I've been designing since 2014 and joined Deadzone Racing in 2018 as a primary member, later assisting in the graphic design and social media aspect of the team. I am dedicated to the overall outlook and impression of my work. I take pride in the satisfaction and ease of service for my customers.

I've been busy with the world of graphic design since 2014. I taught myself the basics through Gimp before progressing to Adobe products in mid-2017. Since then, I have run a successful yet no-longer-publicly-operating design company that was a leading showroom for the sim racing community. As of September 2020, I am the Social Media Coordinator for Deadzone Racing, creating graphics for the team and its members and managing the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Along with graphic design and the associated work, I am a senior in my final semester at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Business Marketing. I'm set to graduate in May '21 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, emphasizing Business Marketing. I've attended CSUF since August '17 and will be completing all required coursework in 16 semesters (4 academic years), totaling: 16 General Education courses, 18 Major courses, and 7 Major Emphasis courses.

Thank you for visiting the site! Feel free to visit my LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as my organization's Twitter and Facebook.

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